I’m from a land of endless farm fields, extravagant pick-up trucks, and perpetual humidity. The wonderful Sparkling City by the Sea, or its less ironic name, Corpus Christi.
As a child, I braved the coastal badlands by learning many hands-on trade skills from my dad and watching sci-fi movies with my mom. Keyboard, mowing, and Boy Scout merit badges were my primary focus until graduation. Then I stuffed my room of 18 years into my 2004 Volvo and left for Austin.
As my first year of college at the University of Texas at Austin progressed, the name Sparkling City became increasingly less ironic. I realized Corpus provided me with a solid foundation of experiences and culture. This influenced me to study Advertising in the Stan Richards School at UT, while my eye for design and the Texas Creative Sequence forged me into an Art Director.
Whether it be remodeling houses with my dad or creating advertisements in portfolio class, growing up in South Texas taught me how to creatively solve problems to get things done. I am always ready for the next task (I’m an Eagle Scout after all) and will bring my Sparkling City charm to every project I work on.
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